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REI Marketing Nerds

Jan 29, 2020

Most investors use patchwork marketing tactics they learned from different sources. Whether it’s direct mail, bandit signs, SEO, AdWords or postcards–you’ve probably heard it all a thousand times. 

You can see success with all these tactics, but most investors don’t know why they do them. If you do know, you can beat even established competitors. The truth is: All the marketing you do compounds when you start building a brand. 

In this episode, Penney Dollar stops by to show you how to build your own brand that attracts motivated sellers and never lets you run out of leads. 

Ready to become the go-to investor in your area? Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • Why marketing for real estate is different than marketing anywhere else—and the new channels your competitors might not be aware of. (7:21)
  • The fundamental shift happening in REI marketing right now. If you miss this, your competition will—and leave you behind. (9:11)
  • Why cool new marketing tactics fail you—and the 30-second activity that “revives” leads who never even replied to you. (17:40)
  • How a mission can transform your drive and desire for your business—listen how passionate Penney is about the purpose behind her work. (21:51)

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