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REI Marketing Nerds

Mar 4, 2020

While you’re minding your investing business, the world is changing around you. Advertising prices skyrocket, iBuyers devour leads and investors flood the market.

How can you survive without millions in venture capital? Not by throwing your hands up and saying “woe is me”–but by adapting your business to fit the times. 

In this episode, you’ll find out what to do about the shift in the REI industry and how you can survive, thrive and build the life you want to have. 

Ready to step over your fear and be one of the winners of this transformation? Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • The one question you need to answer to win in the changing marketplace. (5:04)
  • What Knock, Zillow and Trulia really want (it’s scarier than just money). (5:54)
  • The biggest reason sellers sit with you at their kitchen table and then sell their house to Zillow. (7:48)
  • One investor who thrives in every marketplace–if you’re not him, someone else will be soon. (8:33)
  • The worst, but most common method investors try to beat Big Tech. (10:35)
  • What needs to happen before any lead conversion in your business. (12:02)

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