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REI Marketing Nerds

May 20, 2020

You can know everything about real estate, go to every seminar and hire every coach. But at the end of the day, you’ve got to get things done. If you waste your time on social media instead of checking off to-dos, you’ll never maximize your potential. 

But you don’t need a complicated system with 17 lists—all you need is ten minutes a day, a pen and a sheet of paper. With task journaling, your workday will become a smooth ride—NOT a few tasks in between hour long breaks.

If you want to be more productive and stop wasting so much time, listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • Why you’ll never have the perfect productivity system (and why you need to learn it anyway). (2:26)
  • How “task journaling” makes checking off to-dos almost automatic. (5:16)
  • Do this after you finish a task and never wonder why it’s already 8pm again. (7:34)
  • Why workaholics get less done in more time. (9:51)

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Some options for your task Journal: