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REI Marketing Nerds

Jun 3, 2020

Google is a great ally. When your Google Ads convert and you’re topping the search rankings, real estate investing is a dream. 

But if you’re not there yet, you might think Google hates you—even though you do everything they advise you! The truth is: Google advises what’s best for Google. But you should do what’s best for YOU.

In this episode, you’ll find out how Google helps you reach your goals when you ignore its tips. When you follow the principles in this episode, you’ll close more deals with online marketing while your competition follows bad advice.

Ready to stop being dependent on Google’s advice and get results? Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • 5 words of advice coaching students pay up to $30,000 for. (3:42)
  • How “optimized” Google ads funnel your cash into Google’s wallet without getting you leads. (5:08)
  • Why Google shames you into buying clicks that never convert.  (6:42)
  • Why you shouldn’t answer the phone when Google calls. (8:58)
  • How the economics of real estate investing make Google ads advice worthless. (11:29)

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