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REI Marketing Nerds

Jul 8, 2020

PPC marketing is great when people click your ads, contact you and sell their properties. But when no one sees your ad, no one clicks through to your site. If your ads are getting zero impressions, this episode is for you. 

Today, you’ll find out why people aren’t seeing your ads and how to make people click, call and sell!

Show highlights include: 

  • Why “no impressions” doesn’t mean the keyword sucks. (2:07)
  • Typical reasons investors get zero impressions on their ads. (2:50)
  • Are you marketing on keywords nobody searches for? Here’s 3 ways to target better ones. (3:52)
  • A hidden Google Ads metric that shows you if competitors are winning on keywords you’re losing on. (4:24)
  • Why Google might be hiding your ads from sellers. (7:26)

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