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REI Marketing Nerds

Oct 9, 2019

Some investors have years of experience in the real estate industry before ever going out on their own. It’s no big surprise if their businesses take off quicker than others. 

But most investors have different backgrounds. If their businesses take off quickly without experience, they’re doing something right we should all learn from. 

One of those investors is Claudine Gauchat. She not only didn’t have experience as an investor–she’s not even from the U.S.!

In this episode, you’ll find out what helped her close 100 deals in just 5 years. Apply what she did and you might be the next investor going from 0 to 100 in just a few years!

Show highlights include: 

  • How Claudine decided it was time to take the leap into REI and compete in a competitive market. (8:15)
  • The “rollercoaster” mindset Claudine uses to approach slumps and downturns in business. (10:55)
  • The biggest challenge of operating in a booming market—and how to solve it. (24:17)
  • Claudine’s summary of what’s working for marketing in a competitive market after 5 years. (25:51)

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