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REI Marketing Nerds

Jun 28, 2023

Most real estate entrepreneurs run away from failure.  Who wants to admit that they tried something new, and it blew up in their face?  

Your friends will laugh at you, your family will remind you of your failures, and you go back into your cave feeling like a loser.

The truth?

90% of the population will live miserable...

Jun 21, 2023

Most people believe that being a successful real estate investor is just about the technical– buying the right property, financing the deals, and building systems.   

If this were true, all investors would be successful.  But they aren’t because they miss out on one crucial ingredient: 



Jun 14, 2023

Cash is king in any real estate market, especially when high interest rates eat into your bottom line.  Without cash, you are digging into your savings, chasing after people to fund your deals, or getting burnt out.  

Some investors don’t even survive in today’s market because they run out of cash too quickly.  


Jun 7, 2023

Some people are dealt a bad hand in life when it comes to money. When your parents don’t understand money, they brainwash you with their beliefs, and  cause you to repeat the same money mistakes they made.

Worst part?

Most don’t make it out of this “generational curse”.  

However, you as the black sheep in the...