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REI Marketing Nerds

Sep 29, 2021

I once helped an investor make $100,000 in profit from Google Ads. But he stopped running Google Ads shortly after. This is a problem I see many successful real estate investors making. 

What causes this problem? 

Your emotions. 

When your emotions override your logic, they can convince you to turn off one of your most...

Sep 22, 2021

In the past decade I’ve worked with real estate investors, I see one common mistake happen over and over again. 

The worst part?

Not only does this mistake cost you time and money in the short-term, but it also makes your long-term success impossible. 

What’s this mistake? 

Jumping from one marketing channel to...

Sep 15, 2021

Marketing on Facebook used to be straightforward. You would introduce yourself and what you do. Then a person would decide to sell to you or not. End of story. 

Now, sellers need to know exactly who you are. They need to like and trust you before selling their home. You need a platform to engage and connect with...

Sep 8, 2021

Testing fuels all online marketing. It’s the only way to consistently improve your ads and get better results. 

However, there’s one big, fat mistake real estate investors make. They extend this logic when testing marketing agencies. And Google permanently bans real estate investors who try this.

Not only is it...

Sep 1, 2021

Do you ever feel stuck in business or life? The past couple of weeks have been rough for me. Nothing is going right in any area of my life. This happens to everybody — especially real estate investors. 

I call this “the valley.” And it can sabotage your business if you’re not careful.

Here’s why: 

When it...