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REI Marketing Nerds

Nov 28, 2018

No matter how much you love real estate investing, some parts of it are boring and repetitive. You have to do these things over and over again. Whether you hate paperwork, the never-changing phone calls or the chaos of email follow-up, repetition is the most annoying part of any investing business. After all, you became an investor to break free from the drivel of work you hate.

What’s even worse is that these things usually don’t make you much money. Sure, a contract is vital to making any deal work and most deals get closed in the follow-up—but there’s a better way than slaving over these things:

In this episode, you’ll hear Dan Schwartz explain how you can automate processes in your REI business. That way, you’ll have more free time, whether you want to spend it with your family or creating new business strategies.

Show highlights include:

- The key to leveraging your initial excitement about investing into long-term success. (8:00)
- Two books to read if you want your business to take off without spending more time on it (you might even gain more free time). (10:45)
- How to leverage what didn’t work (you might call these things “failures”) into big profits for your REI business. (12:05)
- What do you want? If it’s money or fame, you might be off-track—here’s what Dan Schwartz was looking for when he started his journey. (20:50)
- The “80/20 Cheat-Sheet Chart” which will transform how you view your business—and how to act on your new mindset to take your business from low-yield, high-effort to high-yield, low-effort. (22:00)

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