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REI Marketing Nerds

Nov 18, 2020

With a massive web of clicks and deals, you’ve probably noticed more people are selling their homes online nowadays. 

With all the real estate opportunities online, many investors spend all day hunched over a screen. But most never see any results... Closing deals isn’t about how much time you work online, it’s about choosing a marketing strategy you can perfect and put on autopilot. 

In this episode, you’ll navigate through the ins and outs of Google PPC to learn what lands deals and what throws you in the fog. 

Show highlights include:

  • How Google PPC outplays your competitors’ marketing - even if you’re just starting out. (4:27)
  • How one Google spreadsheet quickly paves the road to high-quality leads at lower budgets.  (7:04)
  • Why building trust on your website closes more deals than your competitors (even when you’re paying double the lead price). (16:09)
  • Four reasons why Google PPC puts you back in control of your deal flow and ROI (without sitting in front of a screen all day). (10:41)

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