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REI Marketing Nerds

Aug 25, 2021

There are two types of real estate investors: 

Investors who think short-term and investors who think long-term. 

Short-term investors do everything in their power to squeeze every cent from their current deal. Long-term investors not only worry about their current deal, but every possible deal that comes as a result of their current ones. 

Only one of these types of investors will survive and thrive in the future. 

In this episode, I reveal how long-term thinking can, behead your competitors irrelevant, land you more deals, and help you get better margins from every deal you do. Listen now. 

Show highlights include:

  • Why thinking about where your next deal will come from sabotages your business (1:30) 
  • The counterintuitive reason making less money on your next deal is more profitable than squeezing every penny out of it (1:54) 
  • The “long-term” mindset tweak that helps you land more high-quality referrals the next time you walk into a seller’s home (4:04) 
  • How focusing on your company’s reputation makes you immune to Zillow and other Big Tech corporations (even it if means making less money on your current deal) (7:16) 
  • Why having the best landing page, ad, or Google My Business trick won’t help you land more deals (8:09) 

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