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REI Marketing Nerds

Nov 3, 2021

Real estate investors are investing more into their website design now than ever before. 


Because Silicon Valley iBuyer companies like Trulia and Zillow have beautiful websites and it makes investors think they need a beautiful site too. 

Does your design really matter? 

In some cases, yes. But a prettier website won’t get you more conversions in leads. Your site speed, ease of use, and credibility are much more important. 

In this episode, I reveal simple tweaks you can make to your website to boost your conversions, leads, and deals. Listen to the episode now and discover how to turn your website into a lead-generating machine. 

Show highlights include:

  • Why having a pretty website doesn't mean you’ll get more leds or close more deals (and two factors more important than design) (2:44) 
  • The 2 biggest design factors that increase how many leads your website sends you (3:28) 
  • Why your website won’t convert random people into leads — but can make people avoid your business like the plague (4:57) 
  • The weird way appearing too professional online can drive away motivated seller leads in droves (5:19) 
  • How “cultural credibility” can make even the ugliest website convert at an astronomical 13% (7:51)
  • Why having a lot of content on your site can sabotage your conversion rate (and why you should create content anyway) (12:16) 
  • The simple 4-step website design system that generates motivated seller leads and deals like clockwork (13:57)  

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