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REI Marketing Nerds

Jun 29, 2022

Real estate seminars tell beginners that real estate will make them more money than their job while working half as much.

But for most investors, investing becomes the opposite: They’re busy all day closing a few deals per year (if any).

But working a few hours per week while your business builds wealth isn’t impossible. This week’s guest Mike Simmons does exactly that: He works 2 hours per week and does 100 deals per year.

In this episode, you’ll find out how he got there—and how you can do more deals in less time, too.

Ready to stop working so much? Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • Why financial freedom isn’t enough to live your dream lifestyle (and the real freedom most investors want from their business) (8:23)
  • How to leave your comfort zone by transforming your identity (even if it takes 5 years) (9:55)
  • The odd way wasting $3000 on a bad seminar can jumpstart your real estate business (even if you have zero takeaways) (16:35)
  • The biggest mistakes newbie investors make (and how to avoid them) (25:05)
  • How to fix your “marketing problem” and convert leads to deals by changing nothing about your marketing (28:34)
  • Marketing lessons learned from spending $1 million on direct mail (38:20)

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