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REI Marketing Nerds

Dec 19, 2018

You might have already realized this when you talk to homeowners, but there are many people who are jaded, who get called by greedy investors and find never-changing postcards in their mailbox.

And there certainly are greedy real estate sharks preying on anyone who could make them a buck.

Luckily, well-intentioned investors can make a difference and change this perception. On the forefront of this is Andrew Lucas, who is the guest on this episode and builds his investing success on kindness and hospitality.

If you’re in a difficult market and want to help sellers trust you more, this is a must-listen.

Show highlights include:

- When you realize this is happening at your job, you need to go full-time as an investor. (12:25)
- How Andrew effortlessly generated leads while he was investing part-time. (14:30)
- Cold-calling generates leads—but not if you call every number in the phone book. Here’s how Andrew goes about generating leads on the phone. (15:30)
- How to cold-call without being salesy—and the exact question Andrew uses to turn strangers into motivated sellers. (16:00)
- How being the opposite of the cold-hearted real estate shark helps Andrew lap his competition. (17:50)

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