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REI Marketing Nerds

Mar 15, 2023

2008 is when a lot of real estate investors got into the market. Cheap prices, lower interest rates and an upswing in profits.

Everyone was successful and thought that the gravy train would last forever.

The truth?

Most real estate investors are spoiled.

They don’t know how to weather the storm because they never set themselves up for this environment. This slippery slope leads them towards failure.

In this episode, Jason Medley of Collective Genius, joins us again to discuss how to thrive in this economic storm. And he reveals the tools that successful investors use in any environment, especially when the economy falls apart

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • Two secret traits of successful investors that will help you make it through this real estate economic storm (1:25)
  • The “flight or fight” mechanism that keeps you stuck at mediocre profits (and how to overcome it) (2:20)
  • One “mentality” trap that causes investors to flee the real estate industry (and how to avoid this) (3:45)
  • Why skyrocketing interest rates are creating havoc for even the seasoned investors (5:35)
  • The smartest people in real estate that only a few investors know about (and how to get access to them) (7:45)

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