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REI Marketing Nerds

Dec 26, 2018

Many investing businesses start slowly. They inch closer to their first few deals and then generate a few leads before they carve out their own space in the market.

While this process takes years for most investors, today’s guest David Bokman has leapfrogged the journey to investing success, taking his business well into 7 figures within a few years.

If building your investing business is longer than you want it to take, don’t be resigned to “that’s just the way it is.” In this episode, you’ll learn how you can do what David did and skip the waiting for success.

Show highlights include:

Can’t decide between flipping and wholesaling? Here’s how you secure yourself a high income without missing out on other deals. (5:15)
- With the flood of investors on the market now, this strategy is underrated, but can still take you to 7 figures a year. (6:25)
- The exact steps David took before starting his REI business and landing his first deal within 30 days. (11:15)
- How a background in the corporate world can be your competitive advantage in REI. (16:05)
- How doing things that don’t make you money now can build your long-term success, even if you’re a beginner. (18:40)

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