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REI Marketing Nerds

May 17, 2023

The real estate market has its ups and downs just like every other industry. 

You have times when investors make boatloads of money. And you have times when the market conditions change, and slaughter unprepared investors. 

How do you make sure you're one of the investors who make boatloads of money (even when market conditions change)?     

By mitigating  risks and setting yourself up for the next bull market.   

In this episode, Mike Morawski, joins us again to discuss how he hit rock bottom and weathered the storm in different market cycles.  Recovering from failure is tough, unless if you know the tricks.   

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • How to raise capital to buy a 4,000-unit apartment building with only $45 bucks (1:24)
  • 5 mistakes to avoid as an investor so that you don’t end up bankrupt (even in bear markets) (2:56)
  • The loan to value ratio to avoid like a plague if you want to stay out of jail (3:07)
  • How to overcome a recession that wipes out up to 40% of your valuation (4:03)
  • The one tip learned in prison that any investor can use to get their investment goals back on track (5:48)
  • The “overeducated” trap that leaves newbie investors stuck without achieving their financial goals (17:27)
  • How to keep yourself accountable so that you hit your goals every time (without any special gimmicks) (18:12)

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