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REI Marketing Nerds

Jan 2, 2019

The REI market isn’t looking rosy right now: New investors are pouring into every market and the economy is taking a dive—while the amount of motivated sellers hasn’t changed much.

It sounds like you should be afraid and get ready for a slump. While some of that might be true, you can actually use an economic downturn to your advantage…

...because in this episode, you’ll learn how to make your REI business crisis-proof and benefit from the tough times which might lay ahead.

Show highlights include:

- Everyone talks about this—but few execute. If you’re one of the few who DO, you’ll thrive in any economy. (4:05)
- How imbalances in your business can save you a ton of money. (5:55)
- The cheapest AdWords strategy that still produces results. (8:30)
-Where your marketing strategy might be burning money (eliminate these and save big). (11:30)


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