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REI Marketing Nerds

May 15, 2019

When you live in a smaller town, you might envy big investors in Houston, Los Angeles or Dallas. After all, they’ve got more potential deals, right?

It might feel like there are no deals for you and that your market is too small to become a successful investor.

Today’s guest Blaine Dartez will show you that the opposite is true. He went from a giant market to a tiny one and became a full-time investor with so many leads he has to turn some away!

In today’s episode, you’ll hear how he did it and what you can learn from him so you can succeed in a small market with plenty of leads and deals closed every month.

Show highlights include:

  • If you looked at many successful investor’s resume, you’d often find experience in this one industry that gives them an advantage that lowers renovating costs. (7:55)
  • How to invest profitably in multiple markets at the same time. (10:00)
  • How to use Google’s algorithm to your advantage and train the search engine to favor your page in the results. (14:45)
  • There’s two types of investor websites… here’s the one Google prefers to rank highly. (15:35)

You can find Blaine at

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