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REI Marketing Nerds

Aug 14, 2019

Whether you’ve closed a ton of deals as an investor or are still waiting for that first lead, you know that generating leads is often the hardest part to becoming a successful real estate investor. 

In this episode, Uriah Dortch tells you all about how he systematized his investment business so that generating leads isn’t a struggle (he almost has too many leads).

Listen now to find out how to build a brand online that attracts leads on autopilot instead of trying random tactics that may or may not work. 

Build this and take the struggle out of investing and build a business you’re excited to run.

Show highlights include:

  • The mindset “switch” that helped Uriah go from part-time investor to running his business full-time. (5:30)
  • Beware of this trap in smaller “tier 2” markets–even if you don’t have many competitors, this factor could sabotage you. (15:40)
  • How Uriah markets his business to build a brand that’s known for quality work—and gets people chasing him to work with him. (23:05)
  • The “simple but not easy” 2-step process to effective direct marketing that generates leads on autopilot. (24:25)

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