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REI Marketing Nerds

Apr 1, 2020

With the current state of the economy, what will happen to real estate investing? Will anybody sell their house anymore? Will everyone sell their house? Can you even meet with leads anymore? 

With no end in sight, you can’t sit this one out. Doing nothing means you’re vulnerable to the volatile market. But you don’t have to sit around. You can be proactive. And if you know the hidden benefits of this crisis, you’ll generate more leads, close more deals and build the REI business you want. Even while other investors go on the job boards.

In this episode, you’ll find out how the economics of real estate is changing —and how to profit from it while your competition hides from reality. 

Ready to be one of the winners in this crisis? Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • Why a “peak month” can ruin your business (if you forgot this high school stats principle). (13:08)
  • How to profit off of your competitors’ panic by doing nothing. (16:06)
  • The real estate behemoth who “dropped out” of the buying homes–their leads are up for grabs! (17:12)
  • Warren Buffett’s strategy to get rich from a crisis (do this or someone will exploit your mistakes). (18:57)
  • The economic problem that makes “experts” lie to you. (22:11)
  • As long as your answer to this question is yes, you can make money in real estate (don’t stop your marketing yet). (24:17)
  • 3 reasons to go aggressive in your marketing right now. (25:33)

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